Contribute to Awesome STEAM today! - In French

Contribution Guidelines

  • Please search previous suggestions before making a new one, as yours may be a duplicate.
  • Add one link per pull-request.
  • Keep descriptions concise, clear and simple
  • Check your spelling and grammar
  • New categories, or improvements to the existing ones are also welcome

Quality Standards

While we welcome new contributions, we don't want Awesome STEAM to become a dumping ground of loosely related content. Therefore, this list is not meant to hold everything, just the high quality stuff.

How to Contribute

Step 1

If you haven't already, create a free account on GitHub.

Step 2

Click on the Github Octocat icon on the top-right corner of the website or go to RahulBirCodes/awesome-steam. Click the Sign In button on the top-right corner to sign into your GitHub account.

Step 3

Under the section named you should see a bullet point list with the options science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Select the section you want to add content to.

Step 4

At the top of the content, there is a toolbar like this.

edit file button

Click the small pen icon above the content - you will now be able to edit the file.

Step 5

To add a simple link, copy and paste

  - [Content Title](Content URL) - Content Description

into the file and replace Content Title, Content URL, and Content Description with your content's title, URL, and description.

Step 6

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the button 'Propose changes'.

propose changes button

Step 7

You're almost there! Now that you've proposed your changes, create a new pull request by clicking the button 'Create pull request'.

create pull request button

Step 8

There should be another 'Create pull request' button. Click it, and you're done! Thanks for contributing to AwesomeSTEAM 😄.

create pull request button