Observe our world and some of the basic fundamentals it runs on.

Explore Science

  • What is science? - A brief description of the nature of science, including examples and traits of good scientists.
  • Understanding Science 101 - Understanding Science 101, University of California, Berkeley
  • STEM Ideas & The Practices of Science - Cool new learning tools & activities by Jared Hottenstein that you can use with your students to help them learn the nature of engineering & science.

Middle School Science


Introduction to Physics

  • Map of Physics - Everything we know about physics - and a few things we don't - in a simple map by Dominic Walliman.

AP or College Physics 1

AP or College Physics 2

AP or College Physics C (Calculus Based Mechanics and Wave Motion)

AP or College Physics C (Calculus Based Electricity and Magnetism)

  • Electricity and Magnetism - Second semester freshmen-level course of introductory physics with a focus on electricity and magnetism.
  • Learn AP Physics - AP Physics C (E&M) - Collection of video lessons sourced from places such as Caltech with AP level practice problems organized by topic for AP Physics C (electricity and magnetism).

College Physics (Calculus Based Thermodynamics)

Resources With Comprehensive Coverage of Every Physics Topic

  • HyperPhysics - Comprehensive coverage on most physics topics through online tutorials by the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Georgia State University.
  • The Physics Hypertextbook - Online textbook on mechanics, thermal physics, electricity and magnetism, and modern physics.
  • iLectureOnline Physics - Youtube lectures covering Kinematics, Thermodynamics, E&M, Optics, and Modern Physics.


AP or College General Chemistry

  • General Chemistry 1 Review Study Guide - IB, AP, & College Chem Final Exam - Video tutorial study guide review for students who are taking their first semester of college general chemistry, IB, or AP Chemistry by The Organic Chemistry Tutor. Even if you’re studying for the general chemistry section of the MCAT, DAT, PCAT, OAT or SAT Subject chemistry test, this video can help give you a nice overview of all the topics you need to learn in General Chemistry 1.
  • CrashCourse Chemistry - Video playlist based on the AP Chemistry curriculum that explains concepts in short videos with a mix of computer animation and lectures.
  • LibreTexts General Chemistry - Several free digital textbooks and textmaps on general chemistry taught at high-school and introductory university level.
  • Tyler DeWitt Chemistry - Videos on almost every topic in chemistry targeted for students studying for the AP Test, SAT, MCAT, DAT, and OAT exams.
  • iLectureOnline Chemistry - Youtube lectures covering every topic in a general inorganic chemistry course.
  • Science Geek - Self-directed student practice. PowerPoints, notes, reviews, and interactive quizzes for each AP Chemistry topic. “Great extra activity and extra practice for students.”


AP or College Biology

  • Bozeman Science AP Biology - Video lessons on topics in AP Biology by Bozeman Science. Videos cover scenarios and FRQ questions as well.
  • AP Biology Fiveable - On-demand lecture videos, study guides, trivia games and many more resources for AP Biology.


AP or College Psychology

  • CrashCourse Psychology - Video playlist based on the AP Psychology curriculum that explains concepts in short videos with a mix of computer animation and lectures.
  • CrackAP Psychology - Large list of ap psychology practice multiple choice and frq tests. Includes practice tests for specific topics as well.

Environmental Science

AP or College Environmental Science

  • Khan Academy APES - Articles, videos, and practice problems on APES by Khan Academy.
  • Bozeman Science APES - Video lessons on topics in APES by Bozeman Science. Videos cover scenarios and FRQ questions as well.
  • Fiveable APES Exam Review - APES exam prep resources including unit reviews, big ideas, free response help, and practice questions.

Interactive tools

Chemistry Simulations

  • 3DMolecules - An interactive 3D molecule simulation designed to immerse students to the world of chemistry through a hands-on experience.
  • PhET Interactive Simulations - Interactive simulations covering common laboratory experiments and particle models of concepts. Teachers can “use the existing objective and open-response questions already provided and/or modify/create new questions.” Teacher directives are “kept to a minimum to encourage investigation.”

Physics Simulations

  • oPhysics - Growing collection of interactive physics simulations for every physics topic.
  • The Physics Aviary - Interactive physics simulations for topics in AP Physics 1 and 2.
  • PhET Physics - Interactive physics simulations for physics topics across different grade levels by PhET from the University of Colorado Boulder.
  • A Free Particle - Collection of interactive physics simulations and games explaining topics in newtonian mechanics by Michael Freeman.

Astronomy Simulations

  • Scale of the Universe - Interactive website to explore the size and scale of objects relative to each other.